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cazarini Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism in 2009 at the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP), Brazil. She worked in some architectural firms in São Paulo and Rome on urban and design, building renovation, interior design, bioclimatic aspects, 3D modeling and office administration. In São Paulo followed internships in various fields of expertise to expand technical and cultural knowledge, looking multidisciplinary that enriches the study and the various applications of architecture: from the study of the history of architecture through iconographic memory till the calculations and bioclimatic solutions within lighting, ventilation and acoustics, through the artistic direction and marketing experience as hostess at events of decoration . She studied in Bologna university disciplines in creative field such as psychology of art and through a parallel activity with animation tourist resort could deepen their knowledge of Italian culture and foreign languages.
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 Always welcomed and inserted within the groups of university study in Brazil, foreign students, and thus can exchange information and knowledge about the architecture of the world . Carries out projects in collaboration with architect Massimo Tiberi, participating also in international design competitions and project management activities for minor renovations. Just finished a Ph.D. in Architecture and Design ' Nuovi Habitat " by the Università di Genova . The subject of the thesis was the interpretation of the modes and forms of recent urban development of São Paulo , with reference to spatial strategies used in response to the growing fear and rhetoric on violence; thus continuing the analysis and comparison of cases where the approach to urban design based on the idea of public space as " social catalyst " has been more effective responses as not to have done the most frequent protection devices.
tiberi Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism in 2006 at the University of Studies of Rome "La Sapienza" – at the Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni " with the theme of upgrading, urban and landscape reconnection in the PRU - Acilia Dragona ( Rome ) Area - International Competition Europan 8 . In 2007 starts his collaboration with the architectural firm RicciSpaini in Rome, which will become effective partner from 2010. In 2009 pursuing a Master (MPhil) in Bioclimatic Architecture, on urban and environmental renewal following bioclimatic criteria in the Alessandrino neighborhood in Rome. Working with the improvement of existing urban and environmental conditions, using ecological materials, bioclimatic and sustainable technologies, operating softwares, acquiring the necessary knowledge for writing energy performance certificates. Over the years attended numerous professional development courses, themed on safety and construction management, eco-sustainability in the field of building and deepening of foreign languages , all applied from time to time in professional experiences. Followed in parallel activities such as graphic designer participating as self-employed or in partnership, national and international competitions of interior design, logos and posters. He has an extensive experience in digital modeling in architecture and photorealistic rendering project.  Since 2010 occupies the position of project manager at National Competition and International Projects , winning numerous awards and placements. Some of which are: international competition for design of the Archaeological Museum in Calvià (Spain), international competition for preliminary design of a Center for Promotion of Science and the New Campus of Arts and Sciences in Belgrade, International Architecture Competition "Loft Boutique 2010” Tower In Front of Golf Club Arquia (Lima), procedure design and rehabilitation and functional recovery of Revò Sports Center (TN), Contest design of the “Piazza dei Martiri” and “Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II” in Belluno (first prize), conception d’un immeuble de standing en principauté de Monaco, ECOLUOGHI - informal consultation for the design of ecological single-family homes located in Italy (Rome), international competition for the redevelopment of “Piazza Bracci” in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) (first prize), Valagro eco office - design of the new corporate headquarters (TE). It is inscribed in “Albo degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti and Conservatori and Provincia di Roma” since 2007. He speaks English and Portuguese. In his spare time is dedicated to music, art. The people he loves.
www.cazarinitiberi.it - info@cazarinitiberi.it - tel. +39 334 1491868